Saturday, June 02, 2012

You Have To Admire Her Enthusiasm

Ashley Holten likes to take care of her business!  Our friends over at the website have shared  a story about Ms. Holten, and her activities this past Sunday night.  Here is the story:

Drivers Stop To Watch This Florida Woman Masturbate Along Highway

For over half an hour last Sunday night, drivers on Highway 484 in Ocala, Florida watched Ashley Holton masturbate on the side of the road. They pulled illegal U-turns to watch and honked, only encouraging her. She was arrested once deputies arrived.
When approached by the police, Holton exposed her breasts and bra, kicked the officers and gave one a bite Holton described as "a love tap." The arrest report states that at the jail she "continued to resist the officers by spreading her legs, exposing her vagina and telling the officers to kiss her there and refusing verbal commands to cooperate."
Her arrest log notes her for battery, "exposure of sexual organs," "brawling fighting corrupt public moral decency" — a single offense in Florida apparently — and several other charges. Her arrest report states she may have been under the influence of alcohol.
May have been under the influence of alcohol?  May have?  That's good stuff.

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