Friday, December 31, 2021

R.I.P. Betty White

I just heard that we've lost one of America's funniest ladies - Betty White.  She was truly one of a kind, and certainly the last of her kind.  Her sense of humor crossed many generations and made so many people laugh Through her lifetime. She will be missed.

Whether it was her man-chasing character Sue Ann on "Mary Tyler Moore, the "ditzy" Rose Nylund on "Golden Girls," or her crass old lady characters she played on Saturday Night Live, she was a true talent.

When she wasn't acting, she could often be found being an advocate for various animal and pet organizations.

She was one of the best.

She was 99 years old and just short of her 100th birthday on January 17, 2022.

Thanks for the laughs Betty.

You know that we as a society are totally fucked now right? All we have left is Keith Richards.