Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Morning Stories With Mookie - Episode 8

The Time Mookie Could Not Lose In Las Vegas

I have been to Las Vegas approximately NINE times (Say that again like the “Ferris Bueller” snore-counting computer….NIIIIINNNNEEE TIIIMMEES). Of those nine times, I can honestly say I have left that city “a true winner” two (2) of those times. By “true winner” I mean I won enough to pay for the trip. I’ve had 3 or 4 successful trips (left with about the same amount of money in my pocket as I started with, but did not pay for flight/hotel), probably two that I didn’t do so great financially but still had fun, and one trip that almost ruined Vegas for me in every way, shape and form. But that is another story I may or may not tell another time.

Oddly, my first two trips to Vegas were the most profitable. My Then-Fiancee-Now Wife "Megan (*)" and I made our first trip to Vegas for Spring Break during my senior year of college. We stayed cheap (Circus Circus), played cheap, and wandered around enough to blister the shit out of Megan’s feet. Along the way, I had a few random wins at the slot machines (which is odd since I’m not a fan of them), and did pretty well at blackjack down at O’Sheas. I came home with enough coin in my pocket to pay off the trip, pay off the credit card, and make my 1st month’s rent on the apartment Megan and I would soon be moving into. You can’t beat that.

Fast-forward seven months, and we are back in Vegas. This wasn’t just any trip though. Megan and I were back in town to get married. It was a planned event, and various family and friends came out and had a great time with us. The stars must have been lined up or something because it was on this trip I rocked every blackjack table I sat at. EVERY. ONE.

When Megan and I left for Vegas, for some reason I only took about $125 in cash. That’s it. I had more in my account, but didn’t want to take it all. I reasoned that I could hit an ATM somewhere if need be. Vegas said, “No, that’s ok. I'll help you out.”

We hit the town, and gambling and fun ensued. Megan informs me that we need to go downtown the next day and get our marriage license. It supposedly costs like $40. “Better head to the tables then.” I say. We head to Oshea's and the magic starts. WIN. Then we head to Barbary Coast: SERIOUS WIN. Looking back, I was only playing $5 a hand. I can’t even imagine what would have happened if I had been betting more. The next day we made our way downtown on the bus (an experience in itself). We got the marriage license, paid for bus fare, bought dinner, etc with my winnings. The next day, we remembered that we needed to “tip” the minister for the wedding (I know! WTF right?). “Well, we better head to the tables."

Monte Carlo: WIN. Barbary Coast again: WIN. It was glorious. I never walked away from a table without winning at least $100.

Then of course that afternoon I had the biggest WIN of the trip, and my life in general...I got married to Megan (Awww. Gag. Cough cough dry heave).

After the wedding festivities were over, what did we do? Headed back to Barbary Coast of course! You can guess how that went... BIG WIN.

It was an awesomely WIN filled trip. I probably used up my collective luck on that trip because I haven’t had a run even close to something like that again.

Well...I hope it does on a future trip. It might be awhile before I see Vegas again though. You can read about the reason for that next week when we close out our March Spring Break Vegas stories. Later.

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