Thursday, January 26, 2012

A New Feature Coming To Breathtaking and Inappropriate!!!

Starting Monday January 30th, 2012, I will be doing a weekly feature called:

Monday Morning Stories with Mookie

Essentially, it is what I started this blog for to begin with.  Each Monday I will publish a detailed story of a particular event that has happened in my life.  At least 98% of these stories will be fun, and possibly hilarious.  The other 2% I have to reserve for any general life-event commentary that may come along. 

I am posting these stories and putting them in text really for my own benefit, but I may as well share them to amuse others.  My memory has recorded some of the most mundane and stupid details in my life, and I'd hate to let them slip away as I get older.  Plus my wife is probably sick of me telling them to her.  I may as well tell someone else.

I have to admit that most of my stories are probably pretty tame compared to the stuff you see on the news.  Then again, there will be more than a few where my own mother will probably call me up and proceed to "proper name" me (call me by my first and middle names) due to her shock.

The stories will span subjects that include: drunken stupidity, general college hi-jinx, stupid husband moments, "wow these are not my kids" moments, and then just general "Oh my God Mookie you are an idiot" events.  I have to admit that there probably will not be anything close to stories written by Tucker Max where he drunkenly banged some random chick and then threw up on her.  I was never that savvy. 

The stories I detail will be 100% true in nature.  However, I must mention that the names and locations of said individuals and events may be changed to protect the guilty/innocent/accused/involved unless they have already given me permission to use it.  I'd hate for someone to lose their jobs or reputations because a story got out where I identified them as "The South Side Mayonnaise Bandit." 

If you like the stories, please feel free to share the blog link with your family, friends and co-workers.

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