Thursday, December 03, 2015

Top Ten Thursday!

Top Ten Buzzwords on Your Annual Review And Their Real Meaning

10. Best Practice - A method that supposedly gives the best result for everyone, but only ever works for the person preaching it.

 9. Giving 110% - Giving more than the normal effort, which is dumb because you can't do more than 100%.

 8. Opportunities -  Places to seek improvement OR Places where you constantly screw up.

 7. Innovation - The idea you are coming up with something new, but would be impossible to implement.

 6. Accountablity - The idea you can be trusted, but your manager will never see you that way.

 5. Vision Statement - A statement about how a company sees itself and where it wants to go, but it makes no sense and provides no method of accomplishing the goal.

 4. Performance Management - Managing one's performance even though nobody knows what you do or gives you guidance on how to gauge your performance.

 3. High Level - An explanation that makes things sound easier than they really are.

 2. Empowerment - The idea that you have the power to do something - but you really can't.

 1. Synergy - NO ONE knows what this means but acts like they do.

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