Thursday, July 23, 2015

Top Ten Thursday!

It's time to start a new theme on Breathtaking and Inappropriate, and I'm calling it Top Ten Thursday.  It will be similar to what David Letterman used to do, but probably less funny because I'm not as GD funny or clever as Letterman.  Here we go.

I had to travel last week for work so I was inspired to whip up this one:

Top Ten Things I Guarantee You Will See During A Trip To The Airport

10.  Exhausted foreign children being dragged through the terminal and being pestered in their native tongue by their parents.

 9.  One overly-friendly TSA Agent that is quickly followed by one who is a complete jerk-wad.  The rest are expressionless monotone drones who you can tell hate their lives - and you too.

 8.  Some poor guy working at the currency exchange kiosk, but no one ever is seen exchanging currency.  Ever.

 7.  The "duty-free" shop that has tons of booze and one lone Asian person looking around.

 6.  Mr. Super-Important Business-Man walking really fast while pulling his roller suitcase and talking on a cell phone about deadlines.  Odds are high you are sitting next to him on the plane.

 5.  A book and magazine store every 3rd store front just in case you neglected to pick up the current issue of Hustler at the last Newport Newsstand 20 feet back.

 4.  When you want a legit meal near your gate but the only thing near you without a 10 minute walk is a god-damned Auntie Annie's pretzel shop.

 3.  A monitor showing a video of that city's crooked-looking mayor welcoming you to the airport.

 2.  A team of student-athletes playing grab-ass and congesting an entire gate area while waiting for their flight.

 1.  50 people who need to charge their iPhone and two outlets.

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