Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Morning Stories With Mookie - Episode 145

The Time Mookie Got A Cool Gold Medallion At Caesar's Palace

Since it is now March, that usually means one thing for the kids out there: Spring Break Vacation. To celebrate Spring Break, all of the Monday Morning Stories with Mookie episodes in March will be about something that happened during one of my visits to my favorite vacation destination: LAS VEGAS. Enjoy.

Every time I have been to Vegas, I have always made sure to pick up a souvenir or something for the kids from the trip.  Something that says "Las Vegas" on it or something similar.  On one particular trip with Rick* I was coming up empty on finding anything good.  That's when Rick suggested the best thing ever. He says: "We have to go to Caesar's.  If you sign up for their Players Club, they give you this gold medallion that comes on a chain you can wear around your neck.  It's bad ass."  I look at him questionably and ask if he is serious, and he states that on a previous trip he and one of his friends got them and wore them all over the place like pimps. My son at the time had a huge fixation on gold medals due to the Olympics, so I had to look into it.

Sure enough, the casino Player's Club came through for me.  After I gave them all of my pertinent information I was given the most gaudy and awesome necklace one could get for free.

When I went home and my son asked me if I had gotten him anything on my trip, I showed him the gold medal and he just stood there in total amazement.  In his eyes it was just as awesome as an Olympic gold medal, and in many ways it probably was.  He wore that thing for awhile after that, and until recently it hung on the wall with all of his other medals he won at school for the various events he participated in.

I should get it back and wear it to work.  People will step aside for that kind of bling.

* - Names changed to protect the guilty/innocent

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