Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Morning Stories With Mookie - Episode 144

The Time Mookie Played Blackjack and It Helped Pay For The Wedding

Since it is now March, that usually means one thing for the kids out there: Spring Break Vacation. To celebrate Spring Break, all of the Monday Morning Stories with Mookie episodes in March will be about something that happened during one of my visits to my favorite vacation destination: LAS VEGAS. Enjoy.

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned it here before, but my wife and I actually got married in Las Vegas.  The actual marriage story will probably show up here in a future episode, but today I am going to share how we helped pay for this shindig.  It is absolutely my favorite batch of gambling stories, and was a sure sign that things in life were going in the right direction.

We planned the wedding several months in advance, and told anyone and everyone we were doing it. If they wanted to come and share the day with us, great.  If not, it was understandable and no hard feelings.  Much to our surprise, we had quite a crowd of friends and family make the trip and it was awesome.  When Megan* and I left Colorado Springs for Vegas, I took out maybe $125 bucks at the ATM.  At that point in time I hadn't gotten paid at work yet, so the funds in my account were rather tight.  My thinking was that if I needed more money in a day or so, my paycheck should be deposited by then and I could make an ATM withdrawal in Las Vegas. However as it turns out, I never had to visit the ATM again.

Once we got to town, we met up with everyone and randomly gambled and walked around the first day. Megan had looked into everything we needed to do to get married there, so the first most important thing we needed to do was get a marriage license.  We had to get it downtown, and they cost like $50 or $75 (I forget).  My response was "Well, we better head down to the casino."  We went down to what used to be Barbary Coast (which became Bill's Gambling Hall and Saloon - which is now closed pending renovation into something else) and hit the $5 blackjack tables.  I sat down with $20 and in less than an hour I somehow turned it into just over $200. Hell. Yes.  Megan also was winning so we were NOT complaining.

With this money we were able to go downtown (the bus - which is a story all in itself), get our marriage license at the Clark County Recorder's office, gamble a bit, and then head back.

That night we ended up down at the Monte Carlo as we had friends staying down there, and I happened upon a blackjack table that I had to sit down at.  It was in the style of a baccarat table where the table was not elevated and you sat in regular chairs (as opposed to elevated bar stools). I sat down and immediately went on another run.  While it was similar to the one I had at Barbary Coast, I had to be patient and work for my chips.  Eventually when I got up from the table I was up another $100.00. This was definitely a banner day.
Barbary Coast - Host to our big run of luck at the tables

The next day while we had breakfast, Megan mentioned we had to pay the minister at the wedding as that wasn't included in our package.  I asked how much, and again it was like $50 or $75 (I forget).  "Well, we better head down to the casino."  We went back to Barbary Coast, and in what was almost a repeat of the previous day - I was quickly went up over $200 again.  Hell. Yes.  It was like Vegas wanted us to get married AND wanted to foot the bill for it.  I was not going to say no.  While our luck did not follow to every casino we went to on that trip, it seemed like in the end we couldn't lose.  If we we lost at one place, the next place made up for it and then some.  If we lost at the Flamingo, we rolled at O'Sheas.  If we lost at Mirage, we won at Bally's.  To this day I have never had a streak of luck quite like this.  So by this point we had paid for all of our food, minister fees, marriage license, and were still clearing over $600.

The wedding ceremony and dinner with everyone went off without a hitch later that afternoon (a story for another day), and after all of the festivities were over and Megan and I went back to the room and changed out of our wedding attire.  What did we do?  Immediately consummate our wedding nuptials?  Nope.

We headed back down to Barbary Coast and won over $200 again.  Hell. Yes.

Then we consummated our marriage. Well.

* - Names changed to protect the guilty/innocent

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