Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The 2,000th Post!!!

That's right gang.  This is Breathtaking and Inappropriate's TWO THOUSANDTH post.  It seems just like yesterday I started posting things I "borrowed"off the internet because I thought they were funny and/or interesting, and also sharing my Monday Morning Stories With Mookie posts.
The Koala Can't Believe It's Been 2,000
Posts Either!

However, here we are.
2,000 posts
130,000+ page hits
Viewed predominately from 10 different countries

Not too shabby for a nobody who lives in Nowheres-ville AND doesn't advertise or whore his site anywhere. To be honest, I started this silly website mainly for my own entertainment (as sad as that is) and so that I don't forget some of the stories that I know I eventually will.  However, please know that I do appreciate the few loyal visitors I do have - and of course those who stumble by from time to time as well.  I  hope you keep reading and tell your friends.

So you might be asking yourself: "Mookie, are things going to change going forward?" Needless to say, you can sleep well tonight knowing that the next 2,000+ posts will probably continue to be the same juvenile humor that you see here on a regular basis.  Odds are also high that I will continue to tease organized religion, post captions from The League, Workaholics, and Sunny In Philly from time to time too just in case you were wondering.  The only thing that I can see changing will be a probable end to the weekly Ron Swanson screencap due to the show Parks and Recreation being done in a few months.  It will be a sad day when I end that one, but I'm sure I will find something else to idolize.

With that, I again thank you for your page views. However a proper celebratory post wouldn't be complete without a pic of the Breathtaking and Inappropriate staff's favorite female celebrity:  Tiffani Thiessen.
Ohhhhh yeah.

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