Monday, February 09, 2015

Monday Morning Stories With Mookie - Episode 141

The Time Mookie Didn't Want To Buy New Pants

Whenever someone starts an exercise regimen, there is normally a solid reason for doing so.  The most common answers someone will give you is that they want to lose weight or so that they can improve their health.  These are both terrific answers and are totally great reasons to start exercising.  I have recently re-re-re-started a running regimen myself, and while the two aforementioned reasons are included in my justification for doing so, the real reason is all together more inclusive:  So I don’t have to buy new pants.


Right before Thanksgiving I started to sense that my pants were beginning to get a little more snug than I cared them to be. I knew that the holidays would provide an abundance of junk food that I am unable to avoid, so I tried to head off any probable weight gain issue by attempting to get back into the swing of hitting a treadmill during my lunch time at work.  However, the plan backfired in a big way because between all of the holiday hustle and bustle, family/work obligations, and of course the bad weather, I wasn’t able to hit the treadmill as hard or often as I wanted to.  You can probably guess I what I did hit hard though (besides your mom):  Food.  Like a lot of it.  Snack food, junk food, candy, dips, crackers, cream cheese, and everything in between that I probably covered with more cheese.  The end result was not a good one.
I need this this shirt.

My pants started pushing maximum capacity - and not in a good sort of way like “Wow my crotch is too big for these pants!”   This was definitely a totally “I will rip every seam out of these pants if I sit down” bad sort of way.  This made me feel bad.  I have ample pants in my closet that are of an acceptable size, and I do NOT want to have to buy new ones to allow for my abdominal girth.  And Lord knows I can't blame it on my crotch.

Needless to say since the holidays have calmed down and I am more able to be at work on a more regular day-to-day basis, I have done a much better job of getting my exercise in around 4 or 5 days a week.  The weight isn’t dropping that much yet, but I can tell my pants do fit a little better. Not much, but some.  My pockets are still pulling, but at least they aren’t hanging on for dear life.  Well they probably are, but I keep telling myself otherwise.

I also know I need to start eating a lot better, and mainly eating the right things.  I'm trying, but you've seen stuffed crust pizza before right?  Stay tuned.

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