Thursday, August 07, 2014

Top Ten Thursday! - Things That Really Annoy Me

Top Ten Things That Really Annoy Me

10. Steel roofing on residential homes.

     Congratulations! You just made your house look like a warehouse or a livestock building.

 9. Radio commercials where one guy talks through a phone.
     A car dealer in my area does this a lot. Select Quote does it too. It's so annoying and dumb.

 8. People who drive like idiots in road construction zones.
     Seriously, don't ride people's asses so you have to lock your brakes and cause accidents.

 7. When adults use the phrase "my bad."
     It's nice you are taking responsibility for what you did, but talk like an adult. You sound stupid.

 6. Some lady named Leaunna at my bank.
     Trust me....she's a real bitch.

 5. Self-important people in airports.
     I'm glad that you feel important enough that you need to get on the plane right away. 
     However, please know that it's not leaving until everyone gets on. Jackass.

 4. People on Facebook sharing their self-created drama and posting vague statements.
     No one cares. NO.ONE. But apparently you still need attention for some reason.

 3. Food products that use the words "decadent" in their descriptions.
     F'N CAKE IS NOT decadent. Cocaine off a hookers chest? Now that's decadent.

 2. The whole "Keep Calm and Carry On" thing.
     Again, I think it's annoying. I blame The Chive website.

 1. The whole "mustache" thing.
      I don't get it because it's not funny. If it had something to do with a joke about "mustache rides" 
     - that would be funny. Putting mustaches on things needs to stop.

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