Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Morning Stories With Mookie - Episode 126

The Time Mookie Didn't Understand What His Roommate Was Talking About

This week's theme is similar to last week's: Back To School.
In fact, writing last week's story helped remind me of this one. I hope you enjoy it.

During my junior year of college, I roomed in the dorms with a fine fellow we called "Philly.*" To this day, Philly is easily one of the most funniest people I have ever met. The best part of him being funny was that he wasn't trying to be funny.  That was just Philly. This kid was a little redneck but yet he was also one of the smartest little bastards I've ever come across. He and I were opposite ends of the spectrum when it came to everything - except for beer. Philly liked beer and so did I.  Our friendship pretty much grew from that point
This was not an uncommon thing
to see if Philly was watching TV.
"Look Mookie! Boobs!"

As I said before, Philly was funny without trying to be. I remember many nights coming home from my shift at Walmart to find him reading one of his engineering textbooks with the TV on. While this is not different that most dorms, in this case the TV picture was a scrambled mess and the sounds coming out were CERTAINLY that of a "adult" movie. The cable package available in the dorms was pretty basic, however if you went far enough into the upper channels - you came to what was determined to be the Spice Channel. The sound came through loud and clear, but the picture was distorted and a constantly changing scramble. However on a good night, the scramble wasn't as scrambled - and you could pretty much see the nudity and everything going on. I'd walk in and say "What the hell are you watching?" To which Philly would reply: "Check it out Mookie!  That guy is banging the HELL out of this chick! She's got some big T's too!"

It was always something like that with Philly, and it was always a situation that only HE could be in. I briefly mentioned Philly in last week's episode as the guy that passed out on the Mexican Blackbird on his way home from the bars. One night he attempted to top that story....

On this particular night my neighbor Lazer and I were in my room watching a movie or something, when Philly came bursting in the door drunk off his ass and swearing and ranting like nobody's business. It scared us at first because we thought he was hurt or had been in a fight or something, but it quickly became apparent he was fine - just very drunk and very angry.  Lazer and I were both "Philly. Calm the eff down. What is the problem?" Again and again, Philly would start his very slurred story and after 3 or 4 words he would stop and start incessantly swearing and yelling. All we could make out were the words "chick," and a lot of "f" words. I can still see him wobbling around the room, get quiet for a minute, and then started the ENTIRE sequence over again. Lazer and I were laughing our asses off at him because we just thought he was so drunk he couldn't talk. Eventually we figured out that there was more than that to his rant, but we still couldn't get him to tell us. Eventually Philly climbed into his loft and passed out. I still remember Lazer and I just looking at each other in disbelief over the emotional roller coaster Philly had just rode into the room and passed out on.

The next day, we finally got the answer to what had Philly all worked up.

Apparently Philly was out at the bars drinking and ended up actually dancing with some chick for awhile. During one particular song, the gal leaned into Philly and  - allegedly - whispered something in his ear about taking him back to her room and  - I quote - "sucking him off." Well, once they got back to her dorm and up to her room - Philly unfortunately decided that he needed to take a very ill-timed piss. As this girl lived in an all-girl dorm and there were no male restrooms, he ended up going down however-many floors he needed to go to get outside and ended up pissing in a bush outside the building. Being the "lucky guy" Philly is, in his haste to quickly pee and get back upstairs - he neglected to wedge something in the door which would automatically lock as it was after 10PM. So there he was - stuck outside the building and couldn't get in to get back to this girl who said she was going to "suck him off." Finally, some idiot came out the door he was trying to get in, so he entered as the other person exited - and made his way back to the girl's room. Or at least to where he thought she was. Philly quickly found out that he didn't remember WHICH ROOM this girl was in, let alone what floor or even what her name was. Philly said he wandered up and down the halls, floor by floor, trying to find this girl for over an hour. He was eventually forced to end his search for his pending suck-fest when an R.A. cornered him and asked him what he was doing in the building without an escort. Shortly thereafter, he retreated to our dorm where he unleashed his angry drunken hysterics on Lazer and I.

I remember that there were some people who after hearing Philly's story, claimed that the situation Philly found himself in that night didn't even happen and that he at no time was invited to the alleged suck-fest at this girl's room. I can't say if it did or it didn't happen, but Philly was never one to make up stories like that so I'm more apt to believe it than not. Even if it didn't happen, the crazy freak-out he embarked on once he got to my room was all too real and totally did happen. It was by far one of the funniest things that kid ever did in my presence.

So, all you kids heading off to college - if you ever find yourself in a similar circumstance -  always remember the following:
1. Make sure you wedge the door open so you can get back in. and;
2. Make sure you remember what room and floor you need to get to.

Philly made these mistakes so that you don't have to.
Don't be a Philly.

(*) - Names changed to protect the guilty/innocent.

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