Thursday, August 15, 2013

Well The Jerk Store Called...

This is quite easily one of my most favorite bits from the TV show "Seinfeld."  The episode is titled "The Comeback," and focuses on George wanting to get back at a guy who insulted him in front of everyone during a meeting at work.  Naturally - like all of us - on the way home AFTER the meeting he thinks up something that he claims to be the greatest comeback ever.  All of his friends (Jerry/Elaine/Kramer) think the "comeback" is stupid, and give their own suggestions.  He declares they are all wrong, and that his comeback is the best.

When George goes to use it on the guy the next day, he finds out that the guy doesn't even work at the same company anymore.  So that the line isn't "wasted," he tracks the guy down in Akron, Ohio and gets a meeting with the guy and his team in Akron so he can deliver the comeback. It starts out spectacularly as he totally baits the guy into insulting him again, but then in pure "George" fashion it goes off the rails in a way George doesn't see coming.  When he tries to come back at the guy again (with one of the insults that Kramer suggested), it ends up in an even worse place.

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