Monday, August 05, 2013

No Sympathy For Kid On Jeopardy Who Can't Spell

Did you hear about the fiasco surrounding "Jeopardy" this past week?  The kid pictured here made it to the finals of "Kids Week" on the TV game show "Jeopardy," and is claiming he got screwed.  How?

The "Final Jeopardy" question was:
"Abraham Lincoln called this document, which took effect in 1863, "a fit and necessary war measure."

Eighth-Grader Thomas Hurley III - who was in second place with $9,600 wrote down the answer:
"emanciptation proclamation."
Screw this kid.  

Even though the answer was technically right, he spelled "emancipation" incorrectly (he added an extra "t" in there) and the judges ruled against him based on the misspelling.  Host Alex Trebek was his usual smug dick-ish self and said that the judges ruled against him because he had "misspelled it badly."

It was then revealed that Hurley had wagered $3,000 - thus dropping him to $6,600 - and still leaving him in second place.

This led Alex to go to the player in first place - who was sitting there with $36,600.  He revealed that he had the correct answer "emancipation proclamation" - and had spelled it correctly.  He showed the he wagered a whopping $30,000 - raising his show total to $66,600 - thus easily winning.

The Hurley kid is whining because he feels like he was cheated - which is stupid because he he wouldn't have won anyway.  Had the kid that won actually missed the question, they would have been in a tie - which would have its own different circumstance.  But he didn't miss it and he won.

Hurley got $2,000 for his runner-up achievement, but still feels screwed.

He said Alex was mean and made him feel stupid - which I have to admit is probably true because that's what Trebek does.  For a kid who claimed to be such a "big fan" of the show - he should have known that about Alex Trebek though.

But in the end, the facts are the facts.  Even though Trebek's a dick, and even though the answer he misspelled was actually the "correct" answer - he would have still lost.  Beat it kid. Grow a pair.

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