Sunday, April 28, 2013

Thoughts At 3 AM

Okay so, I just got my annual review at my third shift part-time job. You know, the one where I work at the retail store unloading the truck and stocking shelves? They tell me in one breath how great of a job I'm doing, and in the next breath they tell me I need to "step up" and be "a leader." And a reward for me busting my balls for the last year...and to encourage me to "step up" in the coming year...they gave me a 37-cent an hour raise.


I'm sorry, but 37 cents is not enough to encourage me to step up and be a leader.  Shit, if it makes me want to do would be to NOT work as hard. If I didn't already have a full time job that paid me a decent salary, a 37 cent raise might encourage me to jump head first off the goddamn roof.
Plus I don't want to be a leader. I'm perfectly fine in my role as the simple worker bee I am. If I ever realized that I considered myself a leader in this band of dipshits...again...I would probably be up on the roof as I mentioned before.

While I jest about the dramatics of this situation, I have to say that I am fortunate I have the full time job I do have (my day job). Especially because the appreciation for my hard work is recognized by more than a 37 cent raise.

Its sad when you think about it, the people that really bust their humps in this world aren't making half the amount that those who get to sit on their butts do.

Life's a bitch.
Gotta get back and earn my raise. Phhfffff.

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