Thursday, November 01, 2012

There Has Been A Disturbance In The Force

I'm sure you have heard about George Lucas selling off the Star Wars rights and franchise to DISNEY for like 4.05 BILLION.  Included in the mix are the rights to the Indiana Jones stories too.


So what does Disney IMMEDIATELY say they are going to do?  Yup, 3 new movies.  This should all but ensure that fan-boys (and girls) continue arguing over the most mudane details of any and every Star Wars movie for generations to come.

My first instinct was "Why are they screwing with this series?"  But then I thought that maybe if George Lucas isn't involved, it will be good.  I told my two sons (ages 10 and 5) the news and they went through the same thought process I did.  It was kind of funny.

So while everyone and their Grandma gripes about the movies from here to the end of time, I guarantee that everyone and their Grandma goes and sees these movies too.

All I know is that I picture George Lucas sitting at home looking like this guy.....

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