Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Little Fingers Create Chaos

Back in April I won an iPad, and my family has gradually taken it over. Its pretty much the go-to item for games and video.  My youngest son is 4 years old, and he has became quite efficient with it.  However...again he is 4..... and from time to time he has wandering fingers that go where they shouldn't.

I had installed software on the iPad that enabled me to do various things that Apple didn't allow on their software.  It was called "jailbreaking," and it allowed things like the ability to save YouTube videos, and other things to make the tool more efficient.  I still don't know what my 4 year old did.....but he single-handedly brought down the iPad. I had to reinstall the main operating software, which unfortunately had been upgraded since I last loaded it. There has not been a jailbreak created for the upgraded software yet, so I can't do all the fun things I was doing.  Plus, I had to reinstall all the apps we had installed. Little stinker. wife has been playing a game where she has a "virtual" fashion store. She sells clothes and other things in her virtual store and earns virtual dollars. She then can expand her store and sell more things. A quality boredom game if there ever was one. The 4 year old of course likes to help. My wife turned her back one day, and the 4 year old let his fingers do the walking. When she came back, he had spent her virtual bankroll on a huge (non-refundable) and unwanted store expansion.

Needless to say I have the apps locked down and my wife "minds her store" more closely. That should keep him at bay for a day or so.

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