Monday, March 16, 2020

Monday Morning Stories With Mookie - Episode 158

The Time The COVID-19 Virus Shut Down Everything

It's been awhile since I've posted anything, and I figured now was as good as any. I pretty much have time, much like everyone else since everything is SHUT DOWN.  Well, not everything. Enough to definitely make life uncomfortable though.

Some people are going out of their minds because they can't see anyone, go anywhere, and have to work from home.  I'm like "Bitch, I've been training for this for years.  This is nothing."  I'm a full-time work from home guy, so not much has changed other than my wife and kids are now home all day every day. It's nice that they are home, but I feel bad because they are doing activities and projects in the house, and I'm down in the basement working. A. I feel left out; B. I feel like I will be in trouble for not helping even though I'm working; and C. I don't want to work, but have to.  Working sucks.

However, I am thankful I can work because there are A LOT of people who want to work, but have been told to go home because their businesses can't be open. That's the sad part out of all this.  People are going to suffer needlessly because they can't work, therefore they can't afford to feed their families and pay bills. People are going to get sick, but can't afford to go to the doctor. Even if they could, they probably can't because other dummies with minor things are taking up vital services others may really need. Many kids who go to school and eat the only meal they probably get every day can't even do that.  A lot of places are stepping up and providing lunches for kids, which is really cool, but you know the kids that REALLY need it probably aren't getting it. A lot of places will even deliver things if they can. I hope people can and do utilize that.

Then there is our fine government agencies. Most state and local levels are on top of it as best they can, and should be thanked for their front line efforts. Our Federal level and our fearless gaslighting leader, Donald Trump are an entirely different story. Normally I don't like to get political on my blog here, but Sweet Baby Jesus....Donald Trump is the stupidest ass-bag one could ever be.  I can't even with this guy. He has been and is by far the biggest obstacle to anything productive or helpful in this matter (or anything really), and should really not be listened to in this time of emergency. That's pretty sad. This isn't even a Republican/Democrat/Never-Trumper/political bias statement at all.  This is just a stupid blog guy saying someone in a place of authority is being very stupid and reckless when all they are thinking about is their ego and pocketbook. Somehow he has conned people into believing his hype, and at this point it is downright dangerous.

So yeah...I'm rambling and this post is disjointed at best and probably lost it's point. What is my point today? I don't know. I guess my point is I hope everyone can stay safe, stay away from others as much as possible, and take care of their mental health. Being a shut-in is not for everyone.  Find ways to communicate with others when you can.  That is probably why I felt like writing this to begin feel like I'm talking to someone.  Yeah I know it might be read by two people...but whatever. Thanks for reading.

We'll get through this.

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