Thursday, December 20, 2018

Top Ten Ways To Tell-Off Aunt Karen At Christmas

10. No one wants to hear about your bible study, Aunt Karen.

 9. Yes, in fact I DO NEED this third plate of cheese and sausage, Aunt Karen.

 8. You're cats are stupid, Aunt Karen.

 7. So what if I drank the rest of the beer Karen? I saw you eat the whole bowl of ham loaf.

 6. You didn't grow apart Aunt Karen, Uncle Steve left you because of your severe halitosis.

 5. The Little Drummer Boy is a song from hell, Aunt Karen. You should go there.

 4. Nice job clogging the toilet again, Aunt Karen.

 3. Everyone has had enough of you showing us your hammertoe, Aunt Karen.

 2. Thanks for the $10 gift card to Sears I'll never be able to use, Aunt Karen.

 1. Nobody cares, Aunt Karen. Nobody cares.

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