Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Every Episode of Pawn Stars in One Meme

When the History Channel is between marathon showings of American Pickers, they often show a slew of episodes of the show Pawn Stars.  We've watched a few of them here lately, and it's interesting and semi-humorous.  However, I can sum up EVERY EPISODE in 5 bullet points for you:
  • People bring obscure weird shit into a Las Vegas pawn shop.
  • The show's stars (Rick, Corey, and Chumlee) will not know enough about the item to make an educated offer, so they will call "someone who knows more than they do about these things."
  • The "Expert" - who does not work at the pawn shop - arrives in short order as if they have nothing better going on in their lives, and provides their knowledge and the alleged value of the item in question.
  • Rick, Corey, or Chumlee then make a shitty low-ball offer to the seller, who then decides whether or not to take the cash or keep the item.
  • All sales segments are interspersed with random semi-scripted harassment banter, often at Rick's expense.
That's every show.

Some of the stuff people bring in is both absolutely amazing, and the most odd-ball shit you would ever think to take to a pawn shop.  A Ming Dynasty burial statue?  Sure.  A diary/map that was allegedly used by Magellan in 1502?  They have 3 of them.  Just weird.  But then again...it's Las Vegas.  That place is a magnet to weirdness.

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