Thursday, October 17, 2013

What is Mookie Listening To?

Whether I'm sitting at work or in the car, there is a good chance I have some music going.  Odds are also good it is louder than it should be, especially if I have my ear buds in at work.  I often find something I haven't listened to in awhile and just think it is awesome for a week or so.  Then after a week I get tired of it and don't listen to it again for a long time.  Then the cycle repeats itself naturally.

So today,
 "What is Mookie Listening To?"

Well let me tell you!

Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band:  "Ultimate Hits - Rock and Roll Never Forgets."  Holy crap this CD is excellent.  I've always liked Bob Seger's music, but I usually don't think about it as a "whole" too much.  This 2-disc piece of awesomeness is great.  I can't even list all the songs because there are so many good ones on here.  The primary hits (Old Time Rock and Roll, Turn the Page, Night Moves, Katmandu, Mainstreet, Like a Rock, We've Got Tonight, and Against the Wind) are here, as well as a few other nuggets you may have forgotten Seger did (Shakedown, Her Strut, and Hollywood Nights).

I had the song "Shakedown" on repeat all the way to work one day.  Its awesome.  The song "We've Got Tonight" makes me wish I could play the piano and sing (I can't do either).

Why Should You Listen To It?  It is just a nice selection of "feel good" music and I would argue that you could probably remember a point in time in your life when you heard these songs.  It's just good classic music.

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