Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Morning Stories With Mookie - Episode 70

The Time Mookie Might Have Corrupted His Little Sister

Due to the Memorial Day weekend and my generally crazy week - this one is late....and is pretty short.  I apologize, and will have one posted at the regular time next week....

This one goes back MANY years, back to when I was in high school.  Once I got my driver's license and sort of proved to my parents that I wouldn't kill anyone, they started letting me drive to school.  However, much like most older kids- I was tasked with driving my younger sisters to and from school each day while on my way to school. To a normal high school student, this job definitely sucked.  But since my parents were letting me use THEIR cars, I had little room to complain.

One particular day after school, I had to pick up my youngest sister "Marina. (*)"  Even though she and I are like 7-8 years apart, we have always gotten along pretty good.  For some reason I think she thought I was cool ( I was ) so that definitely helped.  It had been raining that day so everything was really wet, and there were puddles everywhere.  I pulled up to her school and she jumped in the front seat of our Dad's awesome Ford Bronco.  We had the windows down, the radio turned up, and we were headed for home.

As we were cruising up the street, I noticed up ahead that there was some kid walking along the curb towards us.  I thought it was weird she wasn't up on the sidewalk, but figured she was playing in the water along the gutter or something.  Marina was sitting up in her seat and taking in the scenery when we closed in on this girl along the edge of the street.  Just as we got to this girl, I noticed we were going to be driving through a fairly large puddle - and there was no way around it.  I tried by best to slow down, but apparently it was of little help as I heard the water splash the undercarriage of the car.

As I dreadfully looked into my mirrors with a hope that I somehow didn't soak this poor kid, I heard a scream of laughter from my passenger seat.  I look over at Marina who is sitting there LAUGHING and rocking back and forth in her seat.  "YOU GOT HER! YOU GOT HER!" she screamed.
Look out you bastards!  Here we come!

From my mirrors I could tell we just sort of splashed the kid and didn't totally douche her, but I still felt bad.  I tried to explain to Marina that I didn't mean to get the girl wet, but she didn't care - She thought it was hilarious.

So while it was nice that I amused the hell out of my sister, I totally felt bad that I splashed this helpless kid in the street (who should have been up on the GD sidewalk).  Plus I knew that Marina was going to go home and proudly tell Mom and Dad we splashed the hell out of some kid on the street. It was a safe bet from there my mother would probably "middle name" me (you know - when your mom calls you your first and middle name as a way of shaming you), and my Dad would sternly look at me over the top of his glasses.  I'm sure the usual lecture followed where I was reminded that my sisters looked up to me, and how I should work to set a good example for them......blah blah blah.

If anything, after all those sisters probably learned what NOT to do in life by simply watching what I did.  So because of can't totally say that I set a "bad example" growing up.  It was just an "example."  They could choose what to do with it, and as far as I know....they turned out OK.  Mostly.

To this day though, whenever I remember this little incident I can't help feel badly for the girl we probably got wet that day.  But I also have to smile when I picture my sister sitting there smiling, hopping up and down in her seat and laughing....because dammit....unintentional or not.....that was funny.

(*) - Names changed to protect the guilty/innocent

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