Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Peanut Butter Into Diamonds

Did you know you could turn peanut butter into diamonds? My 8 year old son tells me this on the way home today. I figure he is being silly or full of misinformation. It turns out it was a little of both, but not entirely false.

He said we needed a teaspoon of PB, and an oven at 540 degrees for two hours. He said his friend at school did it, so it has to be true. Yes my boy, I forgot you Catholic school boys believe everything you are told.....

Upon our arrival home, I looked it up. It turns out you can. In fact, it can be done with almost anything - provided you have sophisticated equipment, a 2000 degree oven that can provide insane pressure, oh and other diamonds help. Unfortunately while the result is "technically" a diamond, it's not something you are going to be presenting a loved one on bended knee. Or maybe you cheap asses would.

Fun fact of the day for you. Later.

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