Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Morning Stories With Mookie - Episode 18

The Time Mookie Saw Some Possibly Racist Dogs

I had to stop at Wal-Mart one morning, and pick up a few items.  I pulled into a parking spot, and noticed the car next to me had a couple dogs in it.  Normally, this annoys me because I don’t think people should leave their pets in their cars (Contrary to what some people think: I do have a heart, and normally do not wish ill things on animals - especially a good dog).  However, it was a mildly cool morning and the windows were open enough to allow ample fresh air.  There is a BIG dog sitting in the driver seat, and a smaller dog that was in the rear window when I pulled in.  They are just sitting there quietly and checking out the scenery that is the Wal-Mart parking lot.  The little dog proceeds to journey to the front passenger seat, and sit and stares at me through the crack in the window as I get out.  I am always cautious around strange animals, mainly because I do not want my arms/body chomped on because I misjudged a critter’s disposition towards me.  Plus, we are in a Wal-Mart parking lot.  This might be some dirty, crazy, rabid, and wormy ladies car, and the dogs might be even worse.
"I wish that bitch would hurry up. I hate Wal-Mart."
I said “Hi there” and smile to the dogs to show my friendliness, but did not put my hand in the window to pet them.  The big dog just sits there looking at me like "That's right.  I'm f'n driving this bitch.  Nothing to see here."
I head into the store to purchase my wares, and left the store a few minutes later.   
As I am walking back out to my car, there is an African-American gentleman walking about 50-75 feet ahead of me and he is walking down the parking aisle in the general direction of my car.  I see my car down the row, and notice the car of dogs is still parked next to me.  Then, as the African American man nears the car of dogs, the dogs FREAK THE F*&K OUT
I then notice there is not two, but THREE dogs in this car: Two big ones, and the little one.  The other big dog must have been laying down in the back or something where I couldn’t see him when I got out of the car.  The “new” big dog and little dog are full on going crazy in the back window and rear passenger window.  The other big dog is banging against the front passenger window in his struggle to get out.
If those windows would have been 1 inch more open, that little dog would have been on that guy like a fat kid at a cake buffet.  I’m surprised the bigger dogs didn’t break the windows off in their struggle to get out of the car.  The black guy hurried past the car and got into his car a bit further down the aisle.
So then here I come.  I am anticipating the same response the other guy got, and brace myself for endless barking and hope they don’t make it out the window at me.
What do they do?  Nothing.  They just sit and look at me as I walk past their trunk, and then between their car and mine to my car door.  The little dog again ran up and perched himself in the front passenger window and stuck his face out the crack.  I smile at him and the other tail wagging dogs, get into my car and drive away.
It has been said that “man’s best friend” can sense things about people and determine if they are “bad” or not.  Perhaps that was the case here. 
Or it could be that these dogs were incredibly racist.  Tough call. 

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